When you want to set a calm and restful tone in your environment to help you sleep, exercise, relax, or entertain with, nothing works better than choosing one of the best iPad apps to create ambience. Here are some of the favorite:

The Naturespace app for your iPad is free and is loaded with high quality recordings that include natural sounds such as thunderstorms, rain, waves, rivers, gentle wind and birds along with other sounds you would hear in the dessert, mountains, or seaside.

The Relax Melodies Premium iPad app is $2.99 and has more than 48 ambient sounds that include binaural beats and fascinating animation effects such as auroras, stars and clouds. You can save the name and sort your favorites for easy access to play them as often as you want.

The Sleep Pillow Sounds app for your iPad is $1.99 and allows you to create your own mixes or choose from more than 70 ambient sounds. There are underwater melody, a horse running in a field, tropical rain, fireplace, wind chimes, jungle birds, bubbles, and more. An alarm clock and sleep timer option that’s included has slow fade in and fade out effects.

The White Noise iPad app is $1.99 and has looped sounds that include camp fire, flowing streams, beaches, Tibetan singing bowls, light rain and others to play in the background of your life.

The White Noise +app for your iPad is $1.99 and includes more than 80,000 possible sound choices that you can create for your listening pleasure. You can balance the volumes of different sounds and control which ones are included in each loop you create for a huge amount of possibilities.