Swing King Review
US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store


– 90+ Levels

– The controls are basic and take no time to pick up

-Certain levels feature interactive Environment


-Graphic style appeals to younger demographic


Swing king is another title by the guys and girls at Chillingo. The basic premise of Swing King is to collect stars that were stolen from your kingdom in a physics based puzzle system. Swinging from guard to guard trying to gain as many stars as possible for the best score.

You take on the role of the king flinging yourself around maps to latch onto obstacles and collect stars. The more stars you collect before reaching your mystical unicorn determines your score. The level setting changes as you go farther into the game playing in bright peaceful environments to dark and dangerous ones.

Taking a more in-depth look at the controls of the game they’re mostly gesture based. Simply drag and release to swing the king across levels. While simple tap and drag allows you alter certain environments in the game. Layout wise the app  is cleanly designed with a simple replay and pause button in the top right. The main drag gesture to swing the king around is illustrated with a dotted white line to show the estimated direction you’ll fly. Animations runs smooth and the controls vary each level depending if you have to interact with obstacles or not.

Packed with 92 levels, the game really does offer a lot at its one-dollar price tag.  The UI is clean and goes hand in hand with the simple controls. However, the game itself does have a sort of cartoon like feel to it that may steer certain age groups away. Regardless, if you’re a fan of good old physics based puzzles, Swing King is another title for you with tons of levels and boss fights to enjoy. Each level offers something new and with the immersive environment, there is always more than one way to play. Additionally, as a Chillingo title, there are tons of upgrades and different unlockables for your characters. Check it out if you are a puzzle game fan today in the app store.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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