superimpose app
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Superimpose is an app created by Pankaj Goswami. It costs $.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


This photo editing application lets you do a variety of things. By loading in a background image and a foreground image, you can create a totally new effect. For example: you could load in a photo of a person standing in front of a wall. Then you could remove the wall from behind them, and instead add a photo of the moon.

You could replace heads on people with animal heads, or you could even add a texture to an image by using the layer functionality in Superimpose. This app has 18 blending modes such as overlay, darken, lighten and dodge. So there are plenty of blending effects you can use to create amazing photos.

The Good:

This app has a lot of uses, and for only $.99, it’s totally worth it for on-the-fly editing. It’s really easy to use by any person, even someone that doesn’t know a lot about photo editing. Superimpose is actually a great way for someone to become introduced to “photoshopping” images.

The Bad:

I’m not really sure why this app doesn’t support more than two layers. It should let users blend at least 5 to 10 layers. There are plenty of other photo editing apps that let you have more than two layers, so I’m not sure why Superimpose doesn’t.


If you’d like to edit your photos and create cool effects, then Superimpose is worth the $.99 cents. Even though it doesn’t support more than two layers per project, it still has a plethora of features. One of these great features is the masking tool which automatically removes backgrounds from subjects.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store