Stickman Tennis Review
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Stickman Tennis for the ios is the first videogame tennis game I’ve ever played. Once I figured out the controls it was very easy to play and was enjoyable. I haven’t played actual tennis since I was in high school years ago. The only thing I remember is that you can only let the ball bounce once and it has to land within the lines.

There is an arcade mode and a pro mode. Playing in Arcade mode wasn’t a handicap for me considering the controls are pretty automatic. On your left is a stick which is used to control where the ball goes while the three buttons on the left tells your player what kind of swing to use a lob, slice or topspin. With my limited knowledge I don’t see a difference in the serve or return. I didn’t try the pro mode. You can play a tour or a quick game. Playing in quick game mode I felt like the computer just kept playing matches until I decided to stop playing. The tournament play didn’t really feel like a tournament. It would have been nice to see a bracket and progress who I was playing against.

This app was a lot of fun for $0.99. Every time I see stick figures I think of the XKCD comic. I’m just waiting for the characters to say or do something nerdy. This game does make me want to do a little bit of research about tennis so that I better understood how the game is played and what the differences were between the different types of swings.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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