Just recently, lawyers in the Apple and Samsung lawsuits have uncovered an email from Steve Jobs that was never meant to be seen. This email outlined the future of Apple and its products to the top 100 engineers at Apple.

We’ve outlined the most important terms below used by Steve Jobs and speculated on what they might mean. Underneath our speculations you can have a look at the never before seen (and original) email that was sent out in 2010.

Magic Wand:

Apple has always been the master at making technology easy to interact with. This Magic Wand may refer to creating a wand device for the Apple TV, or it may even hint at using iDevices as remotes. Whatever the cryptic meaning behind the Magic Wand actually is, our interests are peaked.

“Make a great “must have” accessory for iOS devices”


Credits: PC Advisor UK

A great must-have accessory may have easily been hinting at the iWatch. No must-have accessory has been released for the iPhone or iPad since 2010, so the iWatch is a real possibility in 2014.

“Tie all of our products together”

Since the iPhone 5S is the first smartphone in the world to use a 64-bit processor, one that is powerful enough to compete against a computer, it’s possible that Apple wants to merge iOS and Mac OSX. Or they at least want to merge all of their applications together.