Here’s yet another article in our “top cases for iphone 5s in 2013” series. We’ve covered LifeProof cases and Otterbox cases, so naturally it’s time for Speck cases. Let’s get started 😉



Speck FabShell Case for Iphone 5sSpeck FabShell Case for Iphone 5s colors

“Fabshell” is a short way to say “fabulous shell.” You can see from the design above why the cases would be called fabulous. The design is pretty interesting but the technology that protects your phone is not. This case has reinforced sides and rubberized covers over buttons. Other than that, it doesn’t offer too much protection. The fabric feel is certainly different from other cases but it gets dirty easily.

A small number of customers even report the fabric coming off the case after a couple of months of minimal use and no-abuse.


SmartFlex Card

Speck SmartFlex Card CaseSpeck SmartFlex Card Case
This case doubles up as a storage compartment for your cards and money so that you don’t have to carry your wallet around. If you’re going to the beach for example, it might be easier to keep an eye on just your iphone (from getting it lost or stolen) than to have to watch both your phone and wallet. The back compartment holds up to three cards or folder bills.

The downside to this case is that some customers report it being stained by jeans. Some customers also report that the case is way too snug and makes it hard to remove cards.



Speck Candyshell Case for iPhone 5SSpeck Candyshell Case for iPhone 5S colors

This case sounds really great. Heck it’s got a plastic exterior that’s wrapped with rubber on the inside to protect your phone. However, you should stay away from this case. I’ve personally them tear apart within weeks of being on a phone. They offer good protection but for $34.95 this case falls apart way too easily. The quality of the whole build is similar to that of a $10 case.


ToughSkin Duo

Speck ToughSkin Duo Case for the iPhone 5sSpeck ToughSkin Duo Case for the iPhone 5s colorsThe ToughSkin is tough. There’s no other way to put it. This case protects your phone via a dual layer system. It also comes with a belt clip that’s readily available to be used as a stand. Although this case is a bit bulky, it makes up for that through its protection and functionality. There aren’t any 1 star reviews on Amazon for this product. So that’s definitely a plus 😉


Pixelskin HD

Speck Pixelskin HD iPhone 5s CaseSpeck Pixelskin HD iPhone 5s Case colorsThis case has a highly rugged rubber back that’s great for holding, but not so great for getting out of your pants. Customers report that the edges of the case are poorly cut, having overhanging bits of plastic. They also report that the case doesn’t fit well and feels really cheap compared to the PixelSkin iPhone 4 case. It’s probably a good idea to stay away from the PixelSkin HD case.


Crystal Clear Gemshell

Speck Crystal Clear Gemshell CaseThe idea behind this case is for it to be see-through so that you can admire the beauty of your iPhone while still protecting it. This case is a bit thicker than the Barely There case from Case Mate. If you want a case that’s see-through, not noticeable, or “barely there” then you’ll be better off with the Barely There case instead of the Gemshell.


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