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Music quizzes are great fun. In my university days one of the highlights of the week was a music quiz at one of the local pubs on a Tuesday night. I am one of those people who think they know a great deal about a variety of music. And then I play a music quiz game like SongPop Free and realise that actually my knowledge is not as great as I thought it was.

Ok this is a quiz game so lets get the way that it looks out of the way right now. The graphics in a game like this really do not mean a great deal, but all the same SongPop Free is a nice game to look at. You get the album art for what song you it is the question is based on which may not be a huge feature, but it was one that I thought was cool none the less.

SongPop is a social music quiz game that will let you challenge people through the actual game where you can play random strangers which is fun. Or you can connect with Facebook and challenge your buddies and just like in the hit game Draw Something. When you are playing against people you know that is where the real fun is. At the same time its great to be able to play against random people just in case none of your buddies are wanting to play.

Right so the way the game works is once you have logged in you get to pick what kind of music you want to try and answer a question about. There is a huge wide range of categories from good ol classic rock to modern rap music.

You will then be given five clips from various songs in that genre. And you will be given a multiple choice question for each of these clips. Now of course at the end of the day the main thing is getting as many of the five questions right, but how fast you do it is also very important. You see the way that the game will work out who wins between you or the person you are playing against is by how many points you have. The faster you answer the questions then the more points you will get at the end of the game.

This creates such a great sense of panic as you are always worrying that the person you are playing against is gong to answer the question faster than you. The wait for them to finish answering the questions can be agony as you are praying they they don’t know an answer, screw it up or are slower than you. The prize for winning the round is that you get t pick what category of music the next question will be about.

SongPop Free is a free game, but you can buy things in the in game store if you want. For example you can buy a thing that will take away a couple of the multiple choice answers for you. For me this is a waste of money as the rounds go by so fast that you really do not need to do this, but hey at the end of the day I get that the developers are trying to make a couple of extra bucks. And when the a game is as much fun as this one is you really cant hold that against them.

SongPop Free is a great game and I know that it has taken over me and a few of my friends lives. If you love music then give this a chance. You may even learn something about a genre of music that you normally would not listen to which is pretty cool.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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