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The Smurfs are here with a great new iOS game that is sure to entertain kids of all ages. The Smurfs have recently had a resurgence in popularity with their movie that was released a little while back. Not to mention in my house at least we seem to watch The Smurf’s Christmas Carol at least 3 times a day in the run up to Christmas. So what exactly does Smurf Life have to offer? Well please read on to find out a little more.

I am sure that many of you right now may be thinking what the Smurf is this, didn’t this Smurfing game already come out? Well that is to be expected because yes Smurf Life is actually a sequel to the very popular Smurf Village game. Smurf Village was one of those town building games that was just all round Smurfing great fun. It was one of the more popular town building style of games on the iOS.

Right lets talk about the games graphics. They look great – it is very nice to see that they have opted for the art style of the classic Smurfs rather than the art style from the CGI movie. This really though is all personal preference, as no doubt I am sure that for us old timers this classic art style will be great, but for younger gamers I am sure that they may wonder why the Smurfs do not look like they do in the movie. However from the point of view of a parent I can honestly say that my kids never really cared that the Smurfs looked different from the movie they have seen a million times.

Everything here is nice and colorful and everything just seems to fit nicely into place. I know that people who spent a great deal of time with Smurf Village may be wondering what is different, but the game does look noticeably better. There are many new animations and a great deal of new things for you to find (more on that later!) One thing that I know my kids appreciated was just how nice and clear the images and words were on the various items. I have found that sometimes they have a hard time reading text on some iOS games, but we never came across this issue once in Smurf Life. So despite the little graphical update just what else is new in this Smurfing game?

Well Smurf Life is far more story driven than Smurf Village. Now as much as I enjoy these types of games, sometimes besides building a new place there is no real reason to play. Well Smurf Life has a really interesting story that makes you want to keep on playing the game.

Gargamel is up to no good as usual. He has come up with a new plan to trap all of the Smurfs once and for all. He is in his castle casting a spell that is going to cast the whole Smurf village in darkness forever. It sounds very simple, but it really makes it seem like there is actually something at stake.

Papa Smurf knows exactly what Gargamel is up to, and as usual rather than get his hands dirty Papa Smurf is going to go to the extreme lengths of making a new Smurf, and this is where you come in. Papa Smurf creates you to try and push back the darkness that is approaching the Smurf village. It actually really is pretty cool as there is a high level of customisation for you Smurf. You can pick an outfit and give them a really cool Smurftastic Smurf name.

So once you have created your Smurf you need to get to work. Rather than just building villages like you would expect in a game like this, you will need to find items that you can use to stop Gargamel’s evil plans. I cannot stress how cool this is to have a game that is in one way the same village building game we have played before, but mix it up like this. It is kind of hard to explain, but it feels familiar yet it also feels different. Anyway your little created Smurf will need to explore the Smurf village. You will need to find various different things like wood, stone, plants and all other kinds of stuff, but you are not needing these things to just build houses like in other games like this. You need these resources in order to build weapons to fight Gargamel.

There is more to the game than just finding items to build weapon. As you are exploring the Smurf village you will find some Smurfs that Gargamel has captured and you will need to free them. When you save a Smurf they will get down with a Smurf party and the happiness from this Smurf party will push back Gargamel’s darkness.

There is one big Smurfing problem with Smurf Life and I am sure you know what it is going to be. You need real money to really make some speedy progress in the game. And Smurf Life is one very greedy game when it comes to wanting you to buy in game items. Now yes you can play the game completely for free, but be warned that like all games like this, you will need to spend a lot of time just waiting.

In all, Smurf Life is a really fun game, and its a nice breath of fresh air for this over crowded village building type of genre. They have done such a great job of taking an existing game and taking it down a slightly different path. This is a great game for kids to play, but as a parent I can say that I had a lot of fun playing this with my kids. I would most definitely recommend downloading this. It is free after all.  Just make sure that if your kids are playing it you have the in-app purchases turned off.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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