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Smart Alarm Clock is an app created by Plus Sports. It costs $1.99 (usually its $3.99) and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Smart Alarm Clock is designed to record your sleep patterns, and apply special algorithms to the alarm clock to find the optimal time to wake you up. The way it does this is by resting on your bed, so it can detect any movements you make while sleeping.

If you’ve ever woken up at 4AM and felt really great, or you overslept and felt terrible, then you know that finding the perfect time to wake up is almost impossible. Smart Alarm Clock’s algorithms will not only wake you up when your sleep cycle is in its lightest stage, but it will also wake you up gently. So you will never have to worry about finding the perfect alarm time again.

So here’s how it works. If you need to wake up at 6:30AM to go to work, then Smart Alarm Clock will wake you up earlier if you don’t need the extra sleep, but it will let you sleep in until 6:30AM if necessary.

The alarm clock also uses music to wake you up. So instead of being jerked into being awake, you’ll be soothed into it.

Smart Alarm Clock also has a lot of other features, such as being able to use your own music, podcasts, audio books or other audio formats to put you to sleep or to wake up. Not to mention that it also displays weather forecasts in the morning so you’re ready to dress for whatever temperature or precipitation is expected.

Smart Alarm Clock will even track how much sleep you get each night so you can monitor your sleeping habits. It can also record sounds during the night to find out the disturbances that ruin your sleep, such as snoring or parking cars.

The Good:

Smart Alarm Clock is an app that is bringing our lives into the 21st century. None of our other generations have had access to technology that improves our sleeping cycles like we do now. If we have access to things such as Smart Alarm Clock, then it only makes sense to utilize it.

The Bad:

This application runs exactly as it should, and I wasn’t able to find any shortcomings in it.


Smart Alarm Clock is a must have application for any iOS device owner. $3.99 might seem a bit steep, but it’s really worth it. The developer of this app, Plus Sports, has also developed running, yoga and other sleeping apps. This means that you can trust Smart Alarm Clock is a high quality app that won’t let you down.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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