shark dashFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Gameloft

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Gameloft certainly are one of the big guns when it comes to making games for the various iOS devices that are on the market, but this is one game that I had to actually double check to make sure that it was developed by them. You see this is a cutesy physics based puzzler and to me at least is very surprising that it is a game that has Gameloft behind it.

Shark Dash I feel is clearly full of hope that it can be a huge franchise like Angry Birds or Cut The Rope. It does have a very Angry Birds feel to the look of it. Well apart from the fact you are a shark and its set in water. So yeah while the setting may be different it certainly has that same great charm. The story is told in a similar way to how Angry Birds is through a series of slides with no words. The story here is pretty funny it sees a married pair of sharks minding there own business when the wife shark is kidnapped by some bad ass rubber ducks. It is now up to Mr shark to get her back.

The game looks great everything about the game is very well designed from a presentational point of view. Good looking games is something that Gameloft do very well and this one I feel is easily on of there nicest looking games that they have put out.

The basic idea of the game is that each level is set in a tub and there are a bunch of these nasty rubber ducks who took your wife and you need to eat them you beat the level. Hey it may seem harsh, but if they did not want to be eaten then they should not have taken his wife. The levels are filled with various obstacles that you are going to have to avoid in order to get to the ducks.

The way that you control the shark is very clever. You pull on his tail and he will fly of fin the other direction. You can make him jump out of water which in some levels you will be forced to do, but you must be very careful because if you get stuck outside water then you will need to start the level over again. The real challenge of course is being able to eat all of the ducks in as few moves as possible. So while you can probably beat the majority of levels you will want to go back and see if you can do it in less moves.

What the real goal is that each level has a way that if you aim Mr. shark properly then you can eat all the ducks in one move. I have only managed this on a few levels, but its a great feeling when you pull this off. I have been told that it is possible on each level, but some are real tough.

It is a very simple game to play, but it is also a huge amount of fun and I can easily see many people both adults and kids get addicted to this game.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store