Rise Alarm Clock App Review

-Simple design

-Gesture based


-No multiple alarm support

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Rise Alarm clock by simplebots is purely simple. Simplistic design truly describes this alarm clock app. $2 for an alarm clock app may seem odd but Rise really offers a great alarm app with a simple-to-use interface that blows away the stock alarm app.

Rise presents you with a clean color representing the time of day you want to set your alarm. So warm/dark colors for the night time and brighter colors for the morning. By simply tapping and dragging you can set your alarm and by using the gesture based system, you can access everything else. Swiping to the left and right enables or disables the alarm. Swiping down allows you to get to the settings of the alarm and activate things like repeated alarm clocks, sleep playlists, and so on.

Addition of things like repeating clocks or multiple timers would be nice to see in future updates. An iPad HD version as well would even be appreciated with rise’s minimal UI. What it lacks in features it makes up in quality. Simply set one alarm and focus on that and that alone. Wake up easily and peacefully to the sounds rise offers.

Play your favorite music when going to sleep and get a nice visual representation of when your alarm is going to go off. Rise has one the best minimalistic designs out there in the iOS market. If you have $2 to spend then take a look at this alarm clock app and you won’t be disappointed. Though for users who want multiple alarms and aren’t a fan of simplicity, then there are tons of other alternatives out there or perhaps the stock app will do.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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