ridiculous fishing review

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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Vlambeer

Now I will fully admit that I am not into fishing. My dad made me go on these fishing trips when I was a kid and I am still suffering from horrific flash backs. I just found it so boring. So much so that any game that has been made around fishing really has not interested me at all. Well this one I found out let me fish with guns that right there at the very least peaked my interest. Not only that, but the name as well. A Tale Of Redemption what on earth could a fisherman possibly need redemption from?

Graphically this is a very weird looking game. It has a cartoon type of look to it, but everything is so smooth and clear that it really makes it hard to take your eyes off what is going on. It just has this amazing charm to it that unless you have played the game is really hard to explain.

Now I fire this game up with my interest in fishing a little bit up. And then I have to cast my line into the sea. And I let out a big ugh no I had not just spilt a red hot cup of tea on my crotch, but I thought that this was going to be just another fishing game. Then all of a sudden there are fish flying in the air and I am shooting them down. And I was like what the hell is happening here and it made me actually take this game more seriously.

So I play the game again and this time I actually play it properly. The idea of the game is that you cast your fishing line down the ocean. Cast your fishing line down the ocean, is that real fishing lingo? Anyway you do this and there are fish and other sea creatures swimming all over the place. The thing is that you at first do not want to catch any of these fish. The idea is that you need to get your fishing line down as far as possible. You tilt your phone to avoid the fish. If you hit one then your line comes straight back up. The deeper you go the more fish you will bring up with you.

Once you get down enough your line will come back up and this is where you want it to catch as many fish as you can. You want to get as many fish for two reasons. First of all you get more money and secondly they will fly further up in the air and once those fish hit the air is when the fun really begins. As you open fire on all the fish. I had so much fun doing that that I maybe really should think about seeing a shrink.

I did have a great deal of fun with the game and I know some people may be put off by the fact its around 3 bucks. But when you consider that the 3 bucks is all you have to pay. There is zero in app purchases here. Once you buy the game that is that you have everything. This is very rare in a game these days so I think that it is very important to support a game when a developer does this.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store