Rayman Jungle Run Review

– Great Graphics

-Tons of levels

-Addictive Gameplay


– While the soundtrack is great the music is repetitive throughout levels

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Rayman Jungle Run, developed by Ubisoft, was awarded “Game of the Year” by the app store in 2012 for good reasons. The $3 classic rayman title brings an all updated platformer to the iOS environment. Packed with 40 levels, which vary from gameplay, draws in the player and provides an addictive experience. Trying to beat each level and replay them to collect more points.

Controls are dead simple and each chapter allows for new abilities. First, the player starts off by jumping through the platforms and advance to levels with flying, punching and so on. Each ability has around 6+ levels for you to enjoy and run through fast paced platforms while collecting points. On top of it all, the game features a great achievement system and unlockables using the points you gain. All of which allow you to enjoy the game that much more.

Each chapters abilities make the game feel as if its a new title. Run through a series of stages while in other you can only jump from wall to wall. That variety in the leveling really does add for a unique experience. I think ultimately what this app does best is bring a classic title like rayman into the iOS scene. The days of playing rayman on the console are gone and is easily substituted with a pocket version. Ideally it’d be nice to also see future support for newer levels and possibly new environments outside of the jungle.

Now this title isn’t for everyone and in my opinion, and the die hard gamers out there may not agree on raymans top app store award. While its featured pack and has a decent layout and graphics system it isn’t much than a platformer. Many other iOS games could implement the same elements but it really just comes back to the recognition of the “rayman” title.

Overall, Ubisoft does a great job of pushing out updates to the app and introducing special levels and level packs to enjoy the game. This is easily one of the best Rayman titles for the iPhone. With its updated retina graphics, the game not only looks great but plays great as well. At $3 its a must buy for platformer fans and Rayman fans alike.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store