random heroes 2 review
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Ravenous Games Inc

Random Heroes 2 should be a game that I love. I had a fair bit of fun playing the first Random Heroes game so I was actually really interested when I heard that a sequel was on its way. I downloaded it really quite excited to get started and then after only about half an hour I was left with quite a feeling of “am I really having fun playing this?”

Let me just start with the way this game looks and that is awesome. It has that same retro style that the first Random Heroes has. It is a game that looks like it would be right at home on a NES on some old ass TV in the back room. I love this art style and I am sure many of you do as well. I love pixel art and I am always up for a game that has this as its visual style. But I feel that some games these days are using pixel art as a way to suck in old school gamers.

Now I liked the run and gun old school game play of the first game. I spent a few hours playing that game before I lost interest with it. But while it lasted it was a really fun game. But so far I have had a few sessions with Random Heroes 2 and I am struggling to make my self go back and play some more.

Now the core game play is fine it is a run and gun platform shooter game that is very easy to control. As a mater of fact I would say that this has some very nice and smooth virtual controls. You need to go through a level and find three stars and a skull that is hidden. This is better than a time limit if you ask me, but I am sure this will kind of suck for some of you guys. Anyway as you go through each level you will need to take down lots and lots of bad guys. The problem is that it feels like it takes about a million bullets to kill just one guy! It got to the point where I would try and do all I could to try and avoid having to kill someone. Not because I am some kind of pacifist, but because it was brutal to sit there tapping the screen for what felt like forever.

There is a great selection of weapons and characters for you to unlock, but unless you are willing to spend some real money then you better be prepared for one of the biggest grind fests of 2013. Grinding is something that I do not normally mind. To me it is part of gaming, but it is like they have made it as tedious as possible so that you will spend some real money to unlock things. Sadly I can see more people just shutting the game off than pulling out there wallets.

Overall there really is not enough new added to this game to make it a worthwhile purchase. I think that they have tried to be a little sneaky with there in game purchases, but I doubt anyone will be that into the game in order to get sucked in. I so wanted to love this game I really did. But I am sad to say it was more of a chore than fun.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store