NFL QuarterBack 13 Review
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NFL Quarterback 13 is an iPhone game by developers Full Fat where you take on the role of a NFL quarterback in a series of game modes. A previous $2 game recently made free and littered with in-app ads/purchases.

NFL Quarterback is a gesture based game where you choose your quarterback and proceed to carry out games using your tactical passing. The controls are very well done, you use tap and swipes to maneuver your pass onto your receivers. You can also tap your ball while in the air to adjust its speed and direction. The addition of defenders in the game add a level of difficulty to your passes. On top of that you have defenders trying to sack you. Simple gestures are also implemented so that you can juke out defenders approaching you.
-Nice Passing system
-All NFL teams included

-In-App purchasing system
-Everything requires credits

The game also features multiple game modes for you to play through. However everything in the game is unlocked via credits. Credits are available through packages via in-app purchases, a lot of in-app purchase. All 32 NFL teams are in the game so in that sense sports fans won’t be disappointed. Other features like the ability to upgrade your stadium, equipment and so on is also packaged into the game.

Overall NFL QB 13 was a really good game its core though was ruined by the ridiculous amount of upgrades they push upon you. In order to get almost anything your required credits by either in-app purchases or doing tasks like liking them on twitter, facebook, subscribing to newsletter and so on. The adverts and push to get credits really kills the overall experience of the game and in my opinion isn’t worth downloading even at its free model. However if your interested you can find NFL QB 13 in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store