Mr. Potato Head Create And Play Review

Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Callaway Digital Arts

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Man kids do not know how good they have it these days with Mr Potato Head. Back when I was a kid you got to make him a Fire Man, Police Man and a Doctor. These days kids have it made. You can get Star Wars Mr Potato Heads. You can get super hero ones. I mean it is like any big license these days is fair game for Mr Potato head. Any way I know that my kids have a ton of fun playing with there Mr Potato Heads (and so do I!) So how well does this toy translate to being an App on the iOS store? Well please read on to find out.

Mr Potato Head Create And Play looks the part. Him and his lovely wife both look as cute as ever and in general the whole game is very pleasant to look at. I am sure that you have guessed that the idea here is to design your very own Mr Potato.

Well yes that is the basic idea of this App, but once you have designed Mr or Mrs Potato Head with the better part of 200 different parts that you have at your disposal you can then have some more fun with them. See while the main part of the game is all about building a Mr Potato Head you also can take him on adventures as well.

It is not a full on game where you can take your Mr Potato Head through various levels, but it is more like an interactive picture. You can put him in various places like in space, under water or in a spooky forest. And then you can press things to make him or the environment do funny things. It sounds basic, but my kids did spend a fair bit of time messing around doing this and by the giggles I was hearing I guess there must at the very least be a little bit of charm to it. As well as this you can also do screen captures and share you Mr Potato Head pictures with your buddies.

I love the core idea of this game I really do. And like I said my kids did have fun playing the game, but there is one huge thing that makes me stop telling every parent that they should download this and that is…………. the price. Yes the game is a free download, but as to be expected that only gets you a limited number of outfits for Mr Potato Head. Now I know this happens in pretty much 99 percent of these designing games, but that does not make it right.

What makes Mr Potato Head Create And Play dare I say such a rip off. Is that the prices they are charging for the extra content are absolutely disgusting. I am all for developers making a couple of bucks on additional content, but this game is just to much. Look at it this way rather than buy a couple of add ons in the game you could actually buy a real Mr Potato Head toy for cheaper.

This is not a bad game at all and like I said the core idea is great, but they got far too greedy with the pricing here.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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