Motorblast Review
Pros & Cons:

Pros: Graphics quality, Control options, Game Mode options

Cons: Be nice to see more maps unlocked early or new ones introduced

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

The guys at Mad Processor really found a mix of a racing game mixed with chaotic road rage in the motorblast app. Available for both iPhone & iPad this game offers great controls for racing and all out mayhem.

Motorblast is a racing genre game with boost and weapons along the way to take on your opponents. It offers two game modes be it single player campaign and or multiplayer online. Tied in with game center you can also see friends achievements and or high scores.

Gameplay wise motorblast is versatile you can take on your opponents in a fair race or use the arsenal of weapons be it boosts, turrets, and missiles to slow your opponents down. The controls are what really make the experience of the game, using the gyroscope to steer and ram into opponents. Campaign mode offers multiple levels against AI that offer different challenges. Some offer all the buffs while others give you different situations like boosts only, missiles only, etc. The game is so versatile in the way you play it and as you progress on you only unlock more cars to battle your opponents with. Additionally you can change controls to use the touch screen to steer if thats more your style.

This isn’t your typical racing style genre motorblast really offers a great 2 for 1 in this app. If your into the whole mayhem racing style this is definitely for you. The unlock system keeps you enduring through the races and multiplayer mode is still there when your tired of racing the bots. Graphics wise this really is a high end racing game. The particles between the carnage really key into the experience of it all, showing the doors break off etc as you crash into walls. The game offers an on screen break to slow down when your speeding into corners and or those tight turns. Overall its a solid experience through and through and its price point you can’t go wrong. Check it out today in the iOS app store.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store