MotionX GPS
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MotionX GPS Drive is another player in the mapping software arena. At first look this looks just like any other app. But as I played with this app I found that it has a lot of cool features.

Most GPS applications you just input your destination or look for a street address. MotionX GPS Drive can be a little overwhelming with all of the options for finding locations to navigate to. If you allow this application to access your Facebook account your can use your friend’s checkins as navigation points. You can also tweet your location if you feel so inclined. This application has a lot of ways to find destinations to search for. It will even keep track of addresses, contacts, recently found places, favorite destinations, and even saved parking spaces. This app will even scan Wikipedia for locations near your current location. Your normal browse shops and restaurants are also included. You can also control your music while in the GPS app. This seems to be the ultimate roadtrip GPS software package out for the ios in my opinion.

Although the app was $0.99 at time of writing you might want to consider getting the $9.99 add on which gives you access to Map updates, Realtime/Predicitive Traffic data, INRIX traffic flow maps, Preloaded maps for offline use, and many other features. When you compare the cost of buying a GPS, Map updates (depending on your GPS model), and traffic updates the $9.99 a year subscription is a steal. I own a Garmin and had to pay $100 for lifetime map updates, I also paid $60 for lifetime traffic.

This app works on all ios devices, unfortunately not all ios devices have GPS such as the wireless only models of ipads and the ipods. If your willing you can buy aftermarket GPS adds-ons to overcome this shortcoming.

The reviews for this app are stellar. Although I don’t have a GPS enabled ios device The mapping features are great and the ability to find locations, shops, restaurants, and friends locations is great.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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