Monsters Inc. Run Review
Pros & Cons

Pros: Fast Paced game, Sticks to theme of movie

Cons: Aimed at certain ages / fans, not a game for everyone

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Disney takes the hit animation movie Monsters Inc. and brings it to iOS devices. You play Mike & Sulley to help save Boo, while running through multiple levels and scenarios trying to get coins and power ups along the route. A fast-paced side scroller with all your favorite characters, toys and so on from the show.

The game, aimed at those who enjoyed the movie, now has a great jump side scroller to power through. This game is packed with 3 chapters with tons of levels each and more to come. You have the ability to switch characters along each level, as each character has their own unique abilities from powering through things to jumping over them. Additionally you can use the coins you earn in the process to get power ups / boosts from the shop.

It’s definitely not a game for the hardcore gamer, but is perfect for kids and anyone who enjoys a good fast paced sidescroller. At $1 it’s a great app for fans of the original movie. Aside from that, there are much better platformers / sidescroller type games available at the same price with less of a kid-centric theme.

With a new Monsters Inc movie due out in 2013 we can clearly see that as the movie is ten years old that Disney are doing there best to make sure that this generation of kids who missed out on Monsters Inc when it was first released will certainly know who Mike and Sully are by the time the movie hits theatres. Monsters Inc Run is based on the very popular Mega Run game, but does the Monsters Inc lick of paint make it any better?

Graphically this game like the majority of Disney games on the iOS looks fantastic all the levels look great as do the various Monsters Inc characters. One thing that I was a little disappointed with however was the games cut scenes. Now I know that there is no way they would use cut scenes from a movie that is months away, but I did expect more than just still pictures to move the story along. This may be nitpicking, but I only bring it up because the presentation for the rest of the game is so good.

If you have played the game Mega Run then you know what to expect. For those of you who have not played Mega Run I will explain. To start off with you play as Mike. You need to help Mie get to the end of the level Mike is always running he never stops. So you need to tap the screen to make him jump.

There are a ton of obstacles in your way from block, spikes and bad guys whose heads you can jump on. Jumping in the head of a bad guy will also give you a extra boost to your jump. As well as the obstacles in your way there are things to collect. If you have seen Monsters Inc you will get a kick out of needing to collect a human sock and the teddy bear as well. Its these little things that make Disney for me one of the best when it comes to the little details.

One thing while you are playing the game that you need to look out for is a power up icon. One of the big game play changes over Mega Run is now you have a tag team. You see in the original Mega Run your character was on the small size, but they could get a power up to make them big. Monsters Inc Run does things a little different.

You still need to get a power up, but instead of making your character bigger it will change character. So in the case of Mike if you get the power up you will play as Sully for a little while. Sully is bigger and can crash through obstacles. Monsters Inc lets you play as other Monsters from the movie as well, but you will need to unlock these. You can buy them with real money, but just like Mega Run before it Monsters Inc Run is pretty easy to unlock the extra characters without needing to spend any money.

This game is a must download for me. If you have kids then are sure to love it and if you have younger kids its a great way to introduce them to the characters before the new movie hit. At under a buck this game is tremendous value.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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