Monster Dash Review
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Monster Dash is a game by Halfbrick studios for $1 that sends you on a action packed running adventure. The same makers of popular titles like Fruit Ninja.

Essentially monster dash is a platform game that puts you in a world full of monsters. You play as Barry Steakfries and run through shooting monsters with nothing to lose. As you progress through the levels you go through time portals sending you anywhere from night life with vampires or mummies. The games art is really great with a sort of retro feel that matches the gameplay. You basically go on a non-stop run through endless monsters tapping to shoot on screen and or jump over enemies, obstacles, and gaps. The game offers multiple weapons as you progress as well from pistols all the way to Mr Zappy the thunder gun. These power-ups scattered around the level are fun additions to keep the game interesting and help you get by a little faster.

Your aim is to get as far as possible without dying, you have 3 hearts and every time you take damage you lose one. Whats so great about the game is the ability to jump in and instantly play. No clutter just pure jumping into gameplay. As you mow down monsters your score is decided by how far you get. Achieve high scores throughout the game and earn collectible awards. It’s certainly a pick up instantly play sort of game. The game is also simple to the point where there is no in-app purchases or downloadable content you just pay a one time fee and you get everything you need.

-Fast Gameplay
-Fun Powerups

-No Updates
-No iPhone 5 Support

Halfbrick studios on one hand did a really poor job of keeping the title updated. Its last update was in november 2010, so iPhone 5 retina support etc is out of the question. The game itself still holds its own with its retro graphics and solid gameplay. Its simple to the point where you don’t have to control to much but its enough to be addicting. Multiple weapons and the time travel keeps the game interesting and unique vs your regular runner. If you want action and a platform runner than Monster Dash packs that neatly into a $1 app. Be it for your iPhone or iPad. Though don’t expect any sort of updates for the newer iOS devices.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store