Monopoly Review
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Monopoly is EA $1 adaption of the famous fast dealing property board game.

If you’ve ever played monopoly then this is basically the digitized portable version. EA did a great jobs in terms of graphics bringing retina quality to a board game. The graphics really bring the actual game to life. The whole objective of Monopoly is to have the most property and money. You can play this solo which is a big advantage over that of the real game. The AI bots range from difficulty or you have the option to play with friends via wifi/bluetooth. Additionally pass and play is integrated for multiplayer with one iOS device. Controls for the board game are handled nicely basically you shake to roll the dice and all movement is handled for you. Tap on the screen to manage any of your properties, build hotels, or sift through your inventory. Game saves are also nicely included so you can save the game at any time and replay later.

Everything you know and love about Monopoly has been ported over smoothly to that of the mobile devices. All the properties and rules are set though you have options to change settings within the menu. The game is all left to chance and skillful planning. You buy property and spread your money wisely. The more property you own the better chance players will land on it and pay you your rent. The more houses and hotels on the property the more the rent increases. Each property varies and some start at low rents while others are more of a luxury. Chance cards are also implemented so random events can occur if you ever land on them.


-Retina Graphics
-Fun Gameplay

-Nice to see multi-game saves

-Ads after buying

One downside to app on EA’s behalf is advertisement after purchasing. EA spams the user with ads even after dropping the $1 price point. Which leaves some users in anger. However if you can look past that the gameplay itself is great. You’ll find yourself spending hours either against AI or humans enjoying the classic board game on your iDevice. Controls are intuitive and the AI actually are challenging. They play the game and trade property wisely like a real player would.

If your a true fan of Monopoly than $1 is definitely worth carrying it around on the go. EA did a really great job porting into a digital version and paired with the retina graphics the game looks and feels superb. Play wisely as the game has its ups and downs, one minute you can be winning and next your in debt and borrowing from the bank. Whats so great about a mobile version like this is everything is sorted for you. Looking to spend $1 on a board game brought to the phone then Monopoly is for you. Relive the classic title on your iPhone today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store