kingdom rush frontiers
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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Ironhide Game Studio

I had so much fun playing the original Kingdom Rush game I always prayed that there would be a sequel. I will fully admit that I am not the biggest fan in the world when it comes to tower defence games. The reason for this is because I am really not that good at them. Some of them are really complex which I get some people really love, but for me I just do not have the patience for them. But I felt that the original Kingdom Rush game was easy enough to get to grips with. And I actually did have a great deal of fun with the game. So I was really interested when I heard Ironhide Game Studio were giving us a sequel.

The game looks amazing, but not a great deal has been added in terms of visuals from the first game. Actually if you were to see a screenshot for this game you may think it is not even a new game. But do not let this put you off. This is one of the best looking tower defence games that I have played. There is just so much personality to this game. Everything from your characters, enemies and the awesome boss fights look amazing. The game has a very cartoon quality look to it and I personally think that it does have the look of a show that would be on the Disney XD channel.

The first Kingdom Rush game was just fantastic and rather than changing things simply for the point of changing them. They have decided to give us more of the same, but with little things added here and there. This was a great decision as they had already crafted a fantastic tower defence game so there was no need to mess with the formula at all. To me what sets this game apart from the other tower defence games is the amount of stuff for you to do. This game simply never lets up. Where in other tower defence games you will set up your towers and or troops and let them do their thing. In Kingdom Rush Frontiers you never have a moment of piece which is just awesome. Just when you think things are settling down you will have to take down some big ugly gorilla or one of the other wonderful enemies that the game has to offer.

The single player campaign is just awesome and after each level you will get to upgrade one of your heroes. You have a great selection, but some of the really cool ones can only be obtained through in app purchases which kind of sucks. It is not a deal breaker by any means. And there is a good selection of characters for you. My personal favourite character is Cronan who gets to use all kinds of animals to cause some damage with. The game is just so much fun that the single player campaign flew by for me. But I can easily see this game being one that I would play through again.

If you loved the first Kingdom Rush game then you will love this even more. It has everything that made the first game so much fun, but it adds some new little tricks to make the game that much more sweeter. For three bucks this game is well worth the price of admission it was actually so much fun I nearly spent some money on some of the in app purchases.

If you like tower defence games then this is for you. And even of you are not a huge fan then I would say this is a game that is still worth downloading. The pace is so fast that at many times it does not feel like a tower defence game.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store