JTPCK Review

– Clean UI

-Fun Game Modes


-Nothing really other than the gameplay, may not be for everyone

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Jtpack is a fun minimal design game where your objective is to fly through checkpoints in time.  The game inserts you as a small retro character in a sort of 16 bit world where you fly around and try to get into checkpoints before your time is up. Missing checkpoints reduces time while achieving them does the opposite. Along the route, you encounter obstacles that can either help you or slow you down or altogether kill you.

Minimalism meets retro is the best way I can describe the look and feel of the game. The controls are super basic in the fact that you can either go up or down. Though the simplicity goes a long way and you find that the game is much harder than it sounds. The timer as in all games only adds on more pressure and the more you miss out on goals the quicker that goes down.

The soundtrack and graphics to the game really is a fun look at minimalism in an iOS game while providing solid gameplay. There are multiple game modes from classic to arcade that are all enjoyable. Controls are simple than ever, tap to ascend and let go to descend. Jtpack is a unique design to games but really lets the gameplay speak for itself. Unlock more characters and power ups as you progress through the levels. A one-dollar game that provides countless hours of fun and more to unlock each time you play it. Jtpack is definitely worth picking up for your iOS device today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store