jetpack joyrideFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Halfbrick Studios

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

I personally think that Jetpack Joyride has all the makings of a big iOS franchise. I am not sure that it will match Angry Birds, Cut The Rope or something like that, but I really can see this getting more and more popular with each upcoming release. I am sure many of you have at the very least heard of this game. Well today I am going to tell you why all the hype around this is true.

Jetpack Joyride looks great, but there is only one level. What the heck I can hear many of you saying right now. But hear me out this is one huge long level that  will go through many different scene changes. This is not supposed to be a graphical powerhouse of a game, but it does what it does very well and there is a great style to the graphics that make it hard not to fall in love with Barry ( the guy you play as) even if he has broken into this laboratory and is stealing there awesome jetpack. That is the story behind Jetpack Joyride. It never gets that in depth, but I found it amusing all the same.

This is a fantastic game to play and it will just suck you in and steal your life away. The best way to describe this game is as an endless runner. Barry is always going forward and it is up to you as the player to make sure that he does not die. The fact of the mater is that at some point Barry will die the fun is trying to get him as far as you can. This is one of those games that will have you saying “just one more try” about a million times.

Making it as far as you can though is much easier said than done. The control scheme in jetpack Joyride could not be any simpler, but that does not mean it is easy. You see by keeping your finger on the screen Barry’s stolen jetpack will fire up making him fly in the air as soon as you let go it turns of and he will start to fall. As I am sure you have guessed this is how you need to avoid the vast number of things in this laboratory that can kill you. Electric rays, rockets and other messed up stuff are all trying to stop you from getting out of there with the jetpack.

The game starts to pick up speed which means you better have lightning like quick reflexes if you want to get far. The funny thing I found was that this game really should have been frustrating as hell, but it never once got that way Instead each time I died I was just eager to have another go.

One really awesome thing that I have to mention is that at various points in the level Barry will get the chance to grab some vehicle power ups. Such as a crazy dragon, a bird, a teleporter and a few others that I will not spoil as well. These do a great job of mixing things up every now and again and it is always a big rush when you get one.

As well as trying to get as far as you can you also are able to grab the various coins that are scattered around the level. These can be used to buy different upgrades. It really is a tough decision to make if you are going to try and get the coins or not. If you make the decision to late you can bet your butt that it will cost you your life.

Jetpack Joyride is truly a fantastic game that is destined to be one of the all time classics. And this is something that I do not say about many game, but I really think in years to come this will be looked back upon as one of the best iOS games. If you have still not played this gem of a game then what he heck are you waiting for go and download it now!

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store