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Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: Sony Pictures Television

Despite the fact that you never actually win any real money. I find that video games based on TV game shows are usually pretty fun. I actually think the iOS is a godsend for these kinds of games. Not just because of the quality of the games, but I remember back in the Playstation days when you would be expected to drop like forty bucks on a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game. Now these types of games are priced at really what they should be. Anyway despite being from the UK I am actually really familiar with this show as it was aired over here so I thought this would be a really fun game.

First thing let’s talk about the way that Jeopardy Platinum looks and I will just say that this game really is not pretty at all. As a matter of fact it looks like it was thrown together as quickly as possible. It does resemble the TV show, but there is no flash or anything like that. You will never once when you are playing this game lose yourself in it and actually think you are a contestant on the TV show.

One thing that I did think was pretty cool when it comes to the games presentation was the way that you could actually wrote your name on the screen just like the contestants of on TV. I know that this sounds like a really trivial thing to get excited about. But if you are a fan of the show like me then this is something you will enjoy. Sadly it really is the only highlight when it comes to the games presentation.

Still with those harsh words on how the game looks being said. At the end of the day this is a game that is not really about its looks. The big question is have they managed to nail the feel of the TV show. Let me tell you I really wish that I could tell you guys that yes this is as close to playing real Jeopardy as you will ever get, but I simply cannot do that.

Now the game features some really amazing questions that are just as tough as the ones on the TV show. So in that regard the game really does get it right, but it is the interface that really lets this game down and this interface is why I found playing Jeopardy more of a frustrating experience than a fun one. Also the game has this weird multiple choice thing going on as well. Why on earth was this added to a Jeopardy game?

This is a game that has many annoying little flaws, but I will start with the main two that kill this game. The first one is that you have about five seconds to see what the question is. And I think I may even be quite kind in saying five seconds. And if that is not bad enough the touch controls are just absolute garbage and more times than not it would not register when I hit the buzzer. And I was playing this on the iPad so I can only imagine what the iPhone or the iPod version would be like. The game does have more issues, but these two are more than enough to pretty much render this game unplayable.

Jeopardy Platinum is a game where honestly after I had played it I felt like I should have been given a refund. This game needs fixing asap and I really do think it should be taken down from the App store until it is. No matter how big a fan you are of the show do not download this game in its current state. Wait for an update or better yet a brand new Jeopardy game. Or you can go in the cupboard and dig out the old jeopardy board game because that is way more fun than this also.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store