So today we’re taking a look at Iron Dragon II – Revenge. This is a free game for the iPhone and essentially you are going through a retro-styled game fighting enemies on the street and moving around using analog controllers, and power-ups, all that good stuff.
Screenshot (2)

Your goal is to get back at the Ninjas that kidnapped your sister. The twist is that players can play as the brother or sister in this game. Two players, whether they are friends or family, can also team up locally and play via multiplayer mode.

Iron Dragon II comes with plenty of levels, twelve in fact. There are also a lot of powerups you can purchase and use while playing. Powerups of course can be unlocked or bought using in-app purchases.  Screenshot (4)

The first Iron Dragon game was a success with its retro style and music, and it’s no surprise that Iron Dragon II is just as great. In fact it wouldn’t be too crazy to see this series continuing in a couple of years from now and becoming even more than it is today. Multiple characters, multiple story lines, and so forth.

All it takes to keep the developers advancing the series is giving Iron Dragon II a try and enjoying it. Iron Dragon II is free and great for children as well as for parents that are nostalgic for retro games. Screenshot (5)

The equality Iron Dragon II promotes, that girls are just as powerful as guys, is a really good reason to get your kids playing this game as well.

You can download Iron Dragon II here.