Instagenius Review
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Instagenius is an instagram editor application by CodeGoo, available for your iPhone for $1.

Essentially the app is a photo editor for your instagram needs. You import a picture into the app and or take one on the spot and throw it into the featured packed editor. One big feature is the multi photo collage. If you’ve ever wanted to take multiple photos and scale them down into a collage to upload to instagram then this app does it. Collage anywhere from 1-6 photos in a single shot. One step effects known as filters or textures are also packed into instagenius. Over 20 effects ranging from grunge style to cinematic. Additionally you can crop your apps simply using the editor to rotate and or size down or scale a picture. Frames are also a part of the editor if you wish to add any borders before uploading your picture. So it has the whole package in terms of basic photo editing needs.

Of course sharing is a big part of the app primarily to that of instagram. The app is designed beautifully with its sleek interface and nice photo browsing experience. Simply scale through thumbnails of your photos and browse through to find the right one. Sharing is all done in a tap of the button making it easy to get in edit and get out.

Instagenius really is for the instagram addicts out there. However while it offers a lot there are still many apps that offer more at the same $1 price or free. Though it does a good job of hitting key features such as crop/rotate etc.


-Nice UI
-Various filters

-Many other apps offer more free or at the same price

Instagenius does offer great editing tools that make it easy for first time users or amateur photographers to capture a great moment on their iPhone and edit it for uploading. Most users just want a quick experience in the editor then be able to spit it right back into Instagram. Thats exactly what instagenius offers. The multi-collage feature in itself is something many desire and instagenius includes it. Its user interface makes it easy to simply import photos, choose your layout, and arrange your photos. At $1 I can’t really complain that the app is overpriced. While it may not have all the features as its competitors it has the ones that count. Instagenius is a frame & pro editor for instagram pictures. If your find yourself taking tons of instagram pictures and one a new set of filters and editor to play with, than Instagenius is exactly what you need. Find it for $1 for your iPhone today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store