It is easy to share your iPhone Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot connection with up to five other devices. To do this, start by opening your Settings app from your Home screen and tapping on Personal Hotspot. Then, make sure that the Personal Hotspot option is set to On. If the Wi-Fi is currently disabled, you will get a message asking to you to enable it, and you can also make sure that is toggled to On.

After you have turned your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot and Wi-Fi on, you will see a default Wi-Fi password that you can either continue to use or tap on it to change it to something you would like better. After that, you can go to your computer, laptop or other internet capable device and look for the name of your iPhone under available Wi-Fi networks, then just enter the password and you will be connected. While you can use this for accessing the internet from your computer, laptop or other internet capable device, charges will apply.