Multitasking means that you can run multiple apps all at the same time. This makes it more convenient to use your iPhone and take advantage of switching back and forth quickly between your favorite apps. The way multitasking works in iPhone is some apps will freeze when you aren’t using them and then will be available how you left them and other apps run in the background.

The apps that will run in the background on your iPhone no matter what else you are doing are music apps such as Pandora and location apps so you can use your iPhone while also keeping your navigation. AirPlay is another app that will continue to run in the background unless you shut it down and so does voice over IP apps such as Skype. Finally, push notifications will continue to run in the background as well. While this makes using your iPhone more convenient, it will use more of your battery, so you may want to turn them off if you aren’t using them often.

To turn apps off on your iPhone, swipe the app upwards on your screen. This will make the app disappear and quit. You can also hold down on up to three apps at a time and swipe them up at the same time to shut them down simultaneously.