In order to set up Bluetooth on Your iPhone, you should first make sure your iPhone is running the most up to date iOS. While your iPhone updates automatically, you can double check to make sure it is completely up to date by going to Settings, General, and then Software Update. Next, make sure your Bluetooth device is close by so your iPhone will be able to detect it.

After you are sure your iPhone is updated and you have your Bluetooth device close by, go to Settings in your iPhone, then General and then Bluetooth. Also, make sure your Bluetooth device is turned on and in discovery mode. Then enable the Bluetooth device in your iPhone. You should be able to see the Bluetooth hardware displayed on your iPhone. If you get the message “Not Paired”, tap on the device to pair it.

When you begin pairing your Bluetooth device with your iPhone, you will need to set a passcode. This is generally a four digit number. Some Bluetooth devices require different types of passcodes though and you will be able to find that out in the Bluetooth device’s instructions. Once you have set up Bluetooth on Your iPhone you can use it to make calls and to also listen to music just by tapping on the Music icon.