Here’s what you do to restore your itouch to its original factory settings or from an existing backup:

1)Connect the ipod to the computer and start the iTunes software.  If you’re prompted to update your iTunes to the newest version, do so.

2)In iTunes, find and click on your device in the side menu under “Devices”. In the main iTunes window click on the “Summary” tab if you’re not already there. Check the “Version” info to see whether your ipod software is current or not. If it is, it should say “Your iPod software is up to date.” Otherwise, click “Check for Update” to update to most current version.

Optional: At this time you may wish to back up your ipod one last time before starting the restore process.  If under your present circumstances, backing up is no longer possible (e.g. due to an error of some sort that necessitated the restoring in the first place), or if you have decided to restore from an existing backup, or if you just want to restore the ipod to factory settings and don’t need any of your stored files and data anymore, then proceed to the next step.

WARNING: The following process WILL DELETE ALL DATA from your ipod, including any photos, videos, music, game data, apps, and any other data that is stored on your ipod.  If you still need any of this data, please be sure to run a backup before proceeding with the restoring process.

3)Click the “Restore” button. A message will come up that says “Are you sure you want to restore the iPod “[Your iPod’s Name]” to its factory settings? All of your media and other data will be erased.” Click “Restore” after that message.
How to Restore Ipod - iTunes Restore Button

How to Restore Ipod - Sure You Want to Restore?


4)The restoration process will now begin. Wait until the process is finished, which will take several minutes. The status bar at the top will keep you informed of every step of the process.

5)When the restoring process is finished, you will see a message that says “Your iPod has been restored to factory settings, and is restarting. Please leave your iPod connected.” Click “OK”.


How to Restore Ipod - Restored to Factory Settings


6)Wait until you see the iTunes main window showing the “Set Up Your iPod” screen. At this point, you can either choose to set up the device as a new ipod (i.e. without loading back your backed-up files and data), or restore from a recent backup. (The rest of this tutorial will assume you’re restoring from a backup, although you can choose to set it up as a new ipod if that’s your wish.) Choose “Restore from the backup of:” and specify a backup (in most cases you’d want the most recent one), then click “Continue”.
How to Restore Ipod - Set Up Your Ipod

7)iTunes will show the progress bar “Restoring iPod from backup”, and the ipod will say “Restore in Progress”. When it’s done, you’ll see the message “The settings for your iPod have been restored. Please leave your iPod connected.” Click “OK”.
How to Restore Ipod - Restoring Ipod From Backup
How to Restore Ipod - Ipod Settings Restored From Backup


8)The ipod will finish updating, then respring (i.e. restart). When it restarts, slide to unlock, and you’ll be shown the “Restore completed” screen. Tap “Continue” at the bottom.
How to Restore Ipod - Ipod Restore Completed Screen


9)You’ll be guided to specify a couple of settings, including whether or not to enable location services, and inputting your Apple account password.
How to Restore Ipod - Enable Location Services
How to Restore Ipod - Apple ID Sign In Password

10)Then you’ll see a “Thank You” screen. Tap “Start Using Ipod Touch” at the bottom. Don’t unplug the cable just yet – wait for all the apps to finish transferring to your ipod. The status bar at the top of the iTunes screen will let you know where the process is at. When this bar disappears, the transfer has completed, and you can unplug and start using your ipod.
How to Restore Ipod - iPod Touch is Now Set Up

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