If you enjoy watching videos, it can be inconvenient to not be able to watch Flash videos and play Flash games on your iPad. Luckily you can add a different web browser that will support Flash. Keep in mind that running Flash does require charging your battery more often, but that can be worth it if you really enjoy having a Flash capable iPad.

The Photon Browser is about the most popular option for being able to play flash videos and games on your iPad. It is just like any other browser such as Firefox and Chrome and includes features such as bookmarking, private browsing, and tabbed web pages. You can also use the Photon browser to split the screen for video playback and easier rotation lock for playing games.

Another popular browser to play Flash videos on your iPad is the Skyfire Browser. Unfortunately for gamers though, this browser does not support playing Flash games. It does have a variety of social media features which many people like if they just want to watch videos and share with friends and followers.

The iSwifter Browser is all about being able to play Flash games on your iPad and isn’t really set up for watching Flash videos. This is a paid app, but you can choose a seven day free trial to test it out and see if it will be worth it for you or not. You also need to have a good Wi-Fi connection.