You can make texting and emailing with your iPhone lot easier when you know what tools are available. One way to make texting and emailing easier is to add phrases that you use all the time to your shortcuts menu so you don’t have to always type them out. To do this, go to Settings, General, Keyboard and then Shortcuts. All you have to do is enter the phrase and then the next time you use it, you just type that shortcut instead of having to type everything out.

If you love using emoticons, you can add the Emoji keyboard by going to Settings, General and Keyboard and choose to add the Emoji keyboard. You can also add keyboards in a variety of languages for your convenience as well.

If you want to type in all caps, you can turn the caps lock on by double tapping the shift key. When you are done using the all caps option, just tap the shift key again to go back to regular typing.

To access the dictionary to look up words that are in your iPhone texts or emails you receive, hold down on the word until the Define option comes up. When you tap on Define, the definition for the word you held down will show up.

You can flag emails quickly by going to your inbox and then tapping on Edit. After you choose Edit, select the emails you want to flag and tap on the “Mark” tag in the bottom right corner. That option will allow you to flag as many emails as you want to.

If you want to bold, italicize or underline what you are typing, highlight the word or words, select the arrow button and the BIU button. You can then choose if you want to bold, italicize or underline what you highlighted.

If you want to know when other people read the emails you send from your iPhone choose Settings and then Messages and turn on Send Read Receipts.