In order to jailbreak an iPod you can choose from a variety of jailbreak software depending on what version iPod you own. The Redsn0w Jailbreak tool is the most popular and was created by the iPhone development team, so you know it’s been well designed. Redsn0w works with both windows and MAC. The Sn0wBreeze Jailbreaking tool is another popular tool that gives you the capability to customize advance options such as partition size.

If you don’t want to install software of firmware into your iPod in order to jailbreak it, you can just go to JailBreakMe. This website has a jailbreaking tool that is not only considered to be the easiest to use, it also doesn’t require any type of downloads.

The Redsn0w, Sn0wBreeze and JailBreakMe jailbreaking tools are the most popular and considered to be the best out of all the other jailbreak tools for how to jailbreak an iPod. There are quite a few more that will do the same job, although they don’t seem to have the same ratings or numbers of people that are using them as Redsn0w, Sn0wBreeze and JailBreakMe do.

 Source iJailBreak