The iPad Notification Center was added as a new feature along with other changes in iOS 5.0. This was several versions ago and since that time, this new feature continues to be adjusted with every new iOS version released. This leaves many people feeling confused about how to get the best use from it. For example, you may only want to receive notifications from some apps or not others, and you may want to temporarily silence all of your notifications.

To begin to customize your iPad notification center, tap on Settings on your iPad and then tap on Notifications. This is where you will see the apps that send notifications such as FaceTime, Twitter and other types of apps that you may have downloaded. Not all of your apps will show up here, only the ones that use push notifications to communicate with users with different types of messages or alerts.

To adjust the settings for the apps that do show up in your iPad’s notification settings, just tap on it. This will allow you to choose different types of notifications, set them up if they currently aren’t active, or turn them off if you don’t want them. These options also include visual notifications and you can adjust those according to your preferences as well.

Along with adjusting sound and visual settings for the push notifications on your iPad, you can also choose whether or not the badge icons show up on each app icon. These badges will have a red number in them to tell you how many new messages or alerts that you have. For example, you might see the number three if you have three unread messages. Many people find these distracting, so they turn them off and you can too if you wish.

Another feature in the notification settings for your iPad includes your choice of whether to lock the screen view on or off for each app that offer these types of notifications. If you turn this feature on, you will see part of the notification information while your iPad is locked so you can decide if you want to respond to it right away or not.

Facebook and Twitter allow you to tweet, post or otherwise share with your friends and followers directly from the push notification service instead of having to log into your Facebook or Twitter account. To do this, make sure the “Share Widget” is turned on.  At that point, you can activate the notification center from any screen to share or post. To do this, all you need to do is swipe from the top of your screen downward and a list of notifications will show up in a dropdown menu format. From that menu you can tap to tweet or post.