While many people aren’t buying DVDs now days, most people do have quite a large collection of DVDs that can be cumbersome to have to carry all of your favorite DVDs with you. Luckily, you can copy them to your iPad. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be difficult to do because of the copy protections. To work around this, you need to convert your DVD to an iPad compatible format and the only way to do this if you have a program specifically designed to copy DVDs. There are a few you can choose from and these will all require that you first copy the DVD to your personal computer.

To copy a DVD to your personal computer, you will want the type of program that is called a DVD ripper. You can easily find these types of programs anywhere. If you are shopping online, you can just put the keywords “DVD Ripper” into you favorite search engine such as Google. You will notice that there are quite a few to choose through, so take some time to read the reviews to find the one that you feel will be most suitable for your purposes. You can expect that most DVD ripper software programs cost between $20 and $30, there are free choices though that do just as good of a job though.

After you find a good DVD ripper program, you can copy as many DVDs as you like to your personal computer. To upload them to your iPad from that point will require a different type of program and HandBrake is a popular choice for this. The HandBrake program will convert your DVDs to MP4 files and it will also optimize them for your iPad, iPhone, AppleTV or other iOS devices. There are options that include cropping and creating different types of formats to produce the DVD in the way you really want to experience it. When you have set the options, you can copy the DVD File from your personal computer to your iPad. This will take up to two hours though, so make sure you have plenty of time.

When you are able to have your favorite DVDs with you on your iPad, you will no longer have to worry about carrying a collection of them around with you.

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