If you have an iPhone and a PlayStation, then you are in luck. These two devices work together beautifully when you are using the Sony PlayStation app. This free app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and will allow your iPhone to become a second screen during some games and also makes it possible to access social features, tutorials and other features to enhance your overall PlayStation experience.

To get started with the Sony PlayStation app on your iPhone after you have installed it from the Apple Store, log in to your PlayStation account from the app’s home screen. From that point you will see the “What’s New” box to get all the news about updates from your PlayStation friends as well as a list of the recent games played. You will also be able to quickly access your profiles, trophies, friend’s lists and the PlayStation Store. For all the additional social and other features, you will notice a navigation bar on the top of the screen. You can use that to get notifications, invitations, game alerts, and messages. You will also notice a links tab at the bottom of the Sony PlayStation app on your iPhone. These links will give you access to the latest news, tutorials, events and promotions from Sony.

When you are ready to connect your iPhone to your PlayStation, go to the Settings console in your PlayStation account and register your iPhone by choosing PlayStation App Connection Settings and then Add Device. At this point you will be required to enter an eight digit code from your television into your iPhone to confirm the connection. To do this, click on the Connect to PS4 tab on your iPhone and entire the digits that were displayed from PlayStation on your television. Both your iPhone and the PlayStation need to be connected to the same network so they can communicate with each other for this to be effective.

Along with the What’s New and social features included in the Sony PlayStation app on your iPhone, you will also be able to access a virtual controller that you can use in place of your traditional controller. You can also choose to use your iPhone as a second screen for games that have that option built into them and access a remote and keyboard. The remote option is where you can use your iPhone as a controller or to be able to navigate through the user interface. The keyboard makes it possible to send messages instead of having to use the PlayStation option.