There are plenty of reasons as to why you’d want to change the name of your ipod touch.  You may have bought it from someone else and want to personalize it for yourself.  Or, you’ve just thought up a really cool nickname for yourself (or your itouch) and can’t wait to see it in electronic print.  In any case, here are two simple ways you can do this:

1)Go to Settings > General > About.  Tap on “Name”.  Type in new name.  Tap “Done”.

How to Change Your Ipod's Name

2)With your ipod touch connected to the computer, start up iTunes.  On the side menu bar find your device under “Devices”.  Click on it once to highlight it, then after a second or so click it again and it’ll let you edit it.  When you’re done, click anywhere else on the screen (just not the name) for the change to register.