iPad data can be backed up via iCloud or iTunes. iCloud doesn’t back up music, video or TV shows purchased through iTunes, making sure to use both resources will keep your data safe in the event that something happens to your iPad.

If you did not set up iCloud to backup when you set up your iPad, then walk through these steps:

1. Update to the latest version of iOS by choosing >Settings>General>Software update.

2. Follow the instructions in the setup process after the update is complete and you will be prompted to setup iCloud.


2. If you don’t need to update to the latest iOS version, just choose Settings from your iPad home screen. You can choose iCloud from that point and set it up to backup your data.

3. Make sure to choose what data you want backed up and what data you prefer not to have backed up. You can do this by choosing Settings>iCloud and then tap the on/off switches assigned to each device such as photos, calendar events or contact information.

Source: Apple Support