The price of the iPhone 5 will vary, depending on where you choose to get it from.

You can buy an iPhone 5 from almost any cell phone carrier. Type “iPhone 5” into google and you’ll see plenty of ads from your local cell phone carriers. Compare deals across different carriers and choose one that suits your needs. Prices will vary across carriers as well as the length of your contract. With subsidized pricing that results from a cell phone contract, an iPhone 5 is very affordable for most people.

Alternatively, you can buy an iPhone 5 from the US Apple store. These will be unlocked phones that are not linked to any specific cell phone carrier, and therefore the prices will be much higher than if you were to get your iPhone 5 from your local carrier. Here are the prices as of July 13th, 2013:

16GB – US$699

32GB – US$799

64GB – US$899

To see current prices please go here: Current iPhone Prices

And if you live outside the US, you can choose your country’s Apple store from here:

International Apple Store Directory