If you want to start using free apps without jailbreaking, then this guide is going to get you started right away. The apps below will alert you about apps that are temporarily or permanently free. Using these apps will easily help you score free downloads and save anywhere from $1-100 a year in App Store expenses.


FreeAppADay alerts you of apps that have become free for the day. There’s also a featured section which shows some of the best free and paid apps from the App Store. The average rating for this app is 4 stars (rated by over 40,000 users). The reviews for FreeAppADay all praise it for being really great.


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Apps Gone Free

Apps Gone Free is an app that is built with quality in mind. The user interface is really great, and when you first open the app you’re given a tutorial on finding free apps. In addition to listing free apps, Apps Gone free also created a great system called “AppBump.”


AppBump allows users to “bump” apps that aren’t currently free, but still worth downloading. If enough users bump an app, Apps Gone free will have an advocate contact the developer requesting that the app becomes free temporarily. This system allows apps that aren’t free at the moment to be turned into free apps. Developers jump at these opportunities because it gives them extra exposure when their app becomes paid again. So it’s a win-win for both users and developers.

Apps Gone Free is rated an average of 5 stars by over 35 thousand users.

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Appsfire brings a new free app finding system to the table. When you first open this app you’ll be asked if you’re a gamer, parent, student, geek, professional, traveler, or networker. This way you only find deals for apps that you need.


Appsfire also has a system that allows you to see apps or app collections that your friends or family love. So when they find a great app you’ll get notified. In fact, Appsfire even has a “Breaking News” feature that lets you know immediately when a paid app has become free.

Another cool thing about this app is that you can upgrade to the premium version for a dollar, which filters apps by App Score. That way you’ll find quality free apps even more efficiently. At the moment, Appfire is rated 4 1/2 stars on average by over 22 thousand users. However, the newest update has some users upset:


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Free App Magic

Free App Magic only shows a handful of free apps each day. However, it has it’s own rating system. That way people that download the app for free can rate it whatever they think it should be rated. So instead of relying on the iTunes rating, you can rely on the Free App Magic community ratings.


Another cool thing about Free App Magic is that it records how much money is saved by each country that uses it. According to Free App Magic, it’s helped people around the world save over $70 million dollars through it’s free app listings.

Free App Magic has been rated 4 1/2 stars on average by over 11 thousand users. The majority of the reviews express how much they love this app.

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The first thing I noticed about this app is that it doesn’t have any advertisements. And yet it’s still free! AppBzr allows you to put apps that are currently paid apps on a watch list that alerts you if they ever become free. It also provides you with a daily list of free apps that you’d benefit from downloading.


AppsBzr even lets you put apps into lists that can be shared with your friends. As of now, this app is rated 4 stars by over 5,500 users. Most of the reviews for this app are really stellar.

Download AppBzr from the App Store.

Monster Free Apps

This app has a great variety of free apps. It also has a list of paid apps that have a discount (but still aren’t free). Monster Apps also tracks how much you saved this month by using it, and how much you saved in total.


Monster Free apps is rated 4 1/2 stars by over 3,600 users. The first three reviews I saw were 5 star reviews from users that loved the app.

Download Monster Free Apps from the App Store.

Part II

This article has exhausted the top apps for finding other free apps on the app market. So in part two we’re going to be going over website resources that can help you track free apps.

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