Gangstar Vegas Review
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Gangstar Vegas is a game created by Gameloft. It costs $6.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Gangstar Vegas provides gamers with an experience very similar to GTA or Saints Row. You can either choose to play through the story mode or to play in the endless sandbox. The story mode has 80 breath-taking missions which will always keep you coming back for more. The sandbox on the other hand lets you drive around the city in crazy vehicles, shoot insane weapons and do other crazy stuff without having to complete missions.

The new Gangstar Vegas map is also nine times bigger than the previous Gangstar games. So if you’re considering if $6.99 is worth it for this game, then don’t. It offers so much entertainment value that you’ll be wondering why Gangstar isn’t more expensive.

In addition to all of the value that this game offers, it has a ton more features. These features include ragdoll effects and lead boards that records races, fights and carnage missions. You can even upgrade your skills and gear as well as customize their experience.

Gangstar Vegas lets you drive monster trucks and muscles cars. Not to mention that you can also fly fighter jets. The weapons are just as great: get ready to use things like Molotov Cocktails, Flamethrowers and Electric Guitars on a daily basis in Gangstar Vegas.

The Good:

I’ve own GTA Vice City and GTA 3 on the iPhone and I’d have to say that Gangstar Vegas beats both of them. Whereas the iOS GTA series have an unrefined feel to them, Gangstar Vegas looks and functions really well. You can tell that Gameloft designed the Gangstar series specifically for the iOS gaming experience. While GTA on the other hand tried to port their successful games to the iOS and failed miserably.

The Bad:

Open sandbox games are always “bad.” They can always have more rocket launchers, more vehicles and more features. Sandbox gamers always need more tanks, more explosions and more mini-games. I won’t say that Gangstar Vegas doesn’t need these things. It clearly does. But when compared to all of the other sandbox games in its genre, I’d have to say that it’s personally my favorite.

Besides, the next Gangstar games can include all of the things Gangstar Vegas failed to.


If you were disappointed with GTA 3 or GTA Vice City gaming experience on the iOS, then Gangstar Vegas is a game that you need to try right away. Just remember that Gangstar Vegas isn’t a port to the iOS. It’s an iOS exclusive game, and you’ll notice the quality difference right away.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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