Gangnam Santabooth ReviewFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: WiseGecko

I think it is fair to say that unless you live under a rock, that you have at the very least heard Gangnam style on the radio. Seriously this song is everywhere – it was like when it hit big everyone was parodying it. Well now if you have always wanted to send a video of yourself doing the Gangnam style dance you will be happy. If you have wanted to send a video of you doing the Gangnam style dance dress as Santa then you will be positively ecstatic with this funky new app.

Ok the basic idea of this app is to make a fun holiday card for you to send to your family and I am sure that you have guessed by now the main purpose of this app is to take a picture of your face and you face will then be on the body of a funny cartoon Santa who will then do the Gangnam style dance. It is actually pretty funny to see and even funnier to see the reaction from your friends and family when you show them.

Now one thing that I have to add is that despite this app being called Gangnam Santabooth you are not just limited to being Santa. You can pick from a good number of different Christmas characters. You can be a snowman, a reindeer or a Christmas Elf. As well as the different characters there are also a few different backgrounds that you can put your character in front of.

One other cool feature is that you are not just limited to having to use Gangnam style, as there are a few other festive tunes for you to pick from, but even cooler than that is the way that you can use any song that you have in your music library.

In all this is a really fun little app that I am sure will put a smile on anyone’s face who uses it. It is very simple to use and I am more than sure that anyone could get to grips with this in a matter of minutes.