Fruit Ninja Review
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Fruit Ninja is the famous fruit slashing game by Halfbrick studios for $1 for the iPhone/iPad.

Fruit Ninja really is a classic title for iOS, its essentially an action based game where you slice through fruit and try your best to avoid losing any fruits or hitting bombs. Theres two versions of the game, the free & paid. The free or lite version limits you to the classic game mode of fruit ninja while the $1 version gets you a ton of other great game modes like arcade, zen, multiplayer. Artwork is very neatly done with tons of great particle effects going on while you slice through multiple fruit. Controls are very simple and smooth you swipe using one or multiple fingers to cut through the fruit that soars in the air. Multiple game modes are available in Fruit Ninja. First you have your classic game mode where you can only drop 3 fruit max and if you hit a bomb then its game over. Other modes such as arcade and zen offer different aspects such as timed mode and other varying play styles. The best feature however of the paid app has to be the multiplayer support. Battle head to head with a friend via game center to see who can get the best score.

Your objectives in most cases is to slice the most fruit, however you can do several things to enhance your score. Swiping through fruits in succession can get you combo bonuses. Additionally many bonus fruit which are worth more points fly in and out at random times.

-Smooth Controls
-Addictive gameplay
-Great Graphics

-Added Ad support for paid version

The most recent update of the Fruit Ninja app added support for the iPhone 5 and its widescreen resolution. However with this came ad-supported content which in a free version would be fine, though since I had the $1 paid version it was a bit of a disappointment to see. None the less fruit ninja is still a very addictive and fun game. Its one the easier pick up and play slashers for the iPhone. Multiple game modes and things like blade customization really help in offering fun outside its classic mode. Game center integration is very nicely done in co-operation with the multiplayer mode. Fruit Nina also incorporates a new in-app purchase model for things that are called starfruit packs which are new power-up fruits that were added onto the game. Overall Fruit Ninja is a great pick and up play mobile game. It ticks all the boxes in terms of smooth controls, multiple game modes, great graphics and just an overall experience all for $1. Fruit Ninja HD is also available at a higher price for the iPad. If your looking for a great $1 game however for the iPhone to carry around and play whenever then check out Fruit Ninja in the app-store today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store