Fontbook Review

-Great reference material

-Clean UI


-Niche market

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Fontbook is a reference app for finding the best fonts out there and comparing them to others. Fontbook allows you to search fonts by foundry, designer and so on in order to compare and or buy fonts. Typographers, designers, and writers alike will enjoy this app as it gives you a complete  mobile library to all the different fonts out there.

Find a font you like and see similar fonts to it by easily using the navigation buttons. Additionally, if you find a designer whose font you enjoy, you can see his/her other works. The UI in terms of navigating the application is dead simple and makes it easy to filter exactly what you want to find. Whether you know who the designer is or the font name, the app makes it easy to search for what you want.

Typography in design has always been important and can really make or break a product. Having the ability to carry loads of fonts in a mobile phone really is priceless. Comparing typefaces and certain creators of fonts has never been made simpler. While you still have to purchase individual fonts Fontbook goes out there and makes that process a couple taps away.

At its core, it is a reference app and can come in handy for typography enthusiasts out there. At $1 it is a great tool to own and allows you to easily purchase fonts you find through the app. Of course, its a niche app and only a group of people will find it useful. Though if you do fit that category, you can’t go wrong with Fontbook. The developers do a great job of adding new fonts in and updating their library of information. A great font reference app that fits in your pocket at a super affordable price.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store