Final Fantasy IV Review
Pros & Cons

Pros: Featured-Packed UI, Vast Map, Great Storyline

Cons: Pricey, Not for Everyone (RPG Genre)

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FFIV has a big name from the original series to live up to. Final Fantasy IV is a role-playing game that offers the player a huge map that’s filled with adventure.  The version on iOS runs you $15 which is expensive to throw down for a mobile game – but is it worth the money?

Final Fantasy IV is coupled with sub-par old-school graphics, but has a great storyline and cinematic. In the game, you play the role of a lord stripped of his role and casted out into the world, and your mission is to defeat a monster aside your allies. The game itself uses a joystick movement to navigate around the map. Traveling is the key part of this game as it’s an adventure-based series where you’re given quests on your journey to your final objective, while fighting mobs along the way. Map-wise the game has towns to explore and to buy items from etc., as well as “the wild” (outside of towns) which offers many mobs to fight in order for you to level up. The FFIV fighting system is a kick back to the classic turn-by-turn based genre where the user chooses which enemy to attack and with which move. Alternatively the game offers auto-mode for when you’re tired and want your character to fight on its own.

As you progress through the game and fight, you gain experience to level up and train new abilities. Each of the allies you gather along the way, from melee to mages, possesses unique abilities. Variety is the name of the game when it comes to Final Fantasy IV, giving you complete control of how you fight, when to fight and who your team consists of.

The item system, like many adventure games, is packed with equipment you pick up along the way, buy in towns, and so on. Abilities for each of your allies are all upgradeable and add to the role-playing game feel. You have the option to either really level up one main character or spread it out amongst different characters. Despite its graphics being a little lack luster, the loading is quick and flawless. For those that have played FF on the console edition, this game can make you really nostalgic. Instead of having to play it using a game console, it now fits in your pocket, making it convenient to play anytime, anywhere.

Behind it all is a big storyline filled with quests to conquer. The cinematic and voice acting are top-notch and act to immerse you in the story. The game is priced high, but if you’re a fan of the game then it’s definitely worth forking out the cash. Fans of the genre won’t be disappointed with the ability to carry the game on your mobile iOS device. However, if you’re new to Final Fantasy and or the RPG genre then the $15 may be a bit of a steep price for the app.  You’re encouraged to check out our video review which will hopefully help you to decide whether to spend the cash of not.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store