Face Fusion Review

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FaceFusion is an app created by Domingo Flamingo. It usually costs $.99 and is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

If you’ve used Faceswap before then you know how limited it is. You can only swap entire faces onto other people, but you can’t pick and choose certain face features. FaceFusion fixes all of this. It allows you to swap eyes, mouths, and chins using a powerful photo editing engine.

Combining your face with a celebrity, politician, or even zombie has never looked so good! There’s a lite version of FaceFusion so you can see how amazing it is before you buy the full version.

The Good:

You can successfully “fuse” white and black people without adverse effects. The skin color is simply mixed and the result always looks realistic. Other applications like Faceswap don’t have this feature.

If you combine the faces of an old black man and a young white woman, the results don’t look bad. In fact they look interesting. I’ve combined my face with president Obama and I like the end result better than my real face. FaceFusion is that good!

The Bad:

This app offers in-app purchases which add extra faces to fuse. I was silly enough to pay for the $2.99 pack.

The reason you shouldn’t buy the image packs is because the premium version of FaceFusion lets you import images from your Photo Library. Importing images is free (and you can import an infinite amount) while buying the $2.99 pack only gets you 9 faces.


FaceFusion is a must have app. It was free on 5/11/13 and might be free again in the future. But even the normal price of $.99 is undervalued. Give the lite version a try if you’re not sure about this app.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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