Evernote ReviewEvernote food is a free app available for all ios devices. This app allows you to explore and save recipes, find nearby restaurants and document your cooking and dining experiences.

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This Evernote food uses the Evernote service to store your information. You don’t need an Evernote account to browse recipes or local restaurants. You only need an account if you want to store recipes, or document your cooking or dining experiences.

The Explore recipe section of this app allows you to look through recipes or search for recipes based on a keyword. I searched for bacon and received 48 results. These recipes are pulled from various sites such as Serious eats, Food republic, Smitten Kitchen, and Naturally Ella to name a few. Because these recipes come from multiple sites the recipes don’t have a consistent feel, most recipes are blog entries and may require some scrolling to get to the actual recipe. If you like a recipe you can save it to your cookbook in Evernote.
Another feature of this app is the restaurant locator. This uses your GPS location and then tries to find nearby restaurants to suggest. This feature doesn’t consistently find locations and sometimes requires a reload of the restaurant locator. Once you find a restaurant that sounds appealing you can click it and get the location, phone number and the website address. You can also clip the place details and store it for later use.

My Cookbook is similar to a pin board. Here you will find the recipes you’ve pinned in the Explore Recipes section. The New Meal button allows you to take notes on where and what you’ve eaten. This is good if you want to keep a food journal or want to track your progress with preparing dishes.

This app has a lot of potential, but also has a lot of bugs. When I was trying to clip a few recipes I had a few error messages come up with saving recipes. A lot of the reviews are negative for this app. A lot of people are having issues with the app crashing on them. This is the second revision of the app and it feels like it still a beta. I feel like this app could use a lot more work under the hood. A few more bug fixes and the ability to share your clippings on your favorite social media would make this app that much better.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Evernote ReviewEvernote ReviewEvernote Review