Eternity Warriors 2 ReviewFormat: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Developer: Glu Games Inc

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The dungeon crawler genre of video games has been around as long as I have been gaming. I vividly remember spending many hours playing Swords and Serpents and the original Gauntlet. What is funny about this genre of video games is while the setting if I am honest never really changes these games never really seem to get old. With that being said lets have a look at how Eternity Warriors 2 measures up against the competition.

From a looks point of view Eternity Warriors 2 more than gets the job done. As the whole game is set in dungeons you may think that the scenery may get a little repetitive. Personally I do not think that is the case at all. Everything is detailed well enough including all the hordes of monsters that you will need to kill. In no way is Eternity Warriors 2 the best looking game on the iOS, but the developers have certainly created a great looking game.

There is a story to Eternity Warriors 2 and I am sure that many of you are probably assuming that it just carries on from the events of eth first game. Well in a way it does, but this game is set around 100 years after the original game where a evil demon was destroyed. Well his minions are rising again and its up to you to stop them. The story is kind of thin, but in a game like this you really are not playing for the story its all about the game play experience. Still with that being said the story does a decent enough job of making you interested in the world that the developers have created.

Game play is pure hack and slash and that is tremendous. There is no deep learning curve or anything like that. If you can place two thumbs, fingers heck even toes on the devices screen at the same time I am sure you can pick this up and play. You need to go through dungeons just killing everything in site.

The game play is very simple, but it never got old. If you are a fan of old school dungeon crawlers that are all about the action then this is for you. The control interface is very easy. You have a on screen joystick and all of your attacks are easily defined and more importantly easy to pull off.

There is also a co-op mode which is a ton of fun. You see while the game is free unless you are going to pay real money. Then you are going to have to kill a ton of monsters in order to pick up there loot. I found that playing this online with a buddy made going through the same dungeons over and over again much more fun.

A downside to Eternity Warriors 2 is the way that you create your character. There is only one class of “human” and the level of customisation at your disposal is actually really limited. This is a crying shame, but I have a sneaking feeling that it may be fixed in a update in the future (or is that just wishful thinking?) In all though I think that a couple more classes would not have hurt them.

I had an absolute blast playing Eternity Warriors 2 and if you want a game that is just pure fun without anything overly complex then I cannot recommend this game enough.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store