Doodle Jump is developed by Lima Sky and is one the default jumping platform games for iOS.

Doodle Jump is all about jumping from platform to platform trying to get as far as possible on the map. The game itself is endless and only gets more challenging as you progress. Your constantly ascending upwards and trying not to miss or fall of a platform. As you go on new challenges come into play. Platforms that collapse, enemies that can kill you, and many other things. So evasion and the ability to tap to shoot is a big tool in your survival. Other controls include tilting left to right to control your direction in the game. Design wise the game is a very fun drawn sort of art style. What Doodle Jump is great at is being insanely addictive. Theres no levels its just one on-going level and you try more and more to get a higher score. The game features over 11+ themed maps to have fun in. Power ups are also included in the game to help give you an edge. Jet packs, propeller hats, and rockets all help you fly higher bypassing obstacles along the way.

Doodle Jump Review

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Achievements is a big part of the game, game center helps you keep track of all your scores. As you jump through the game as well there are markers indicating friends and online players high score marks so you know if you’ve beaten them. Whats so great about the game overall is its pure simpleness. No levels, super simple controls, some upgrades but thats it. The addictiveness is based on you trying to achieve a better score in the game and tension that comes with that as the levels difficulty increase. Scores can additionally be submitted to Twitter or Facebook to bask in your glory.

-Nice addition of multiple themed levels
-Super Addictive
-Easy Controls

None noted

As if it isn’t enough the paid version at $1 offers multiplayer racing as well. So you can compete head to head with a friend to see who has the best jumping skills. The lite version thats available only offers 4 themes and a single player mode vs. its paid counterpart. The game really is versatile in its progression as you go from solid platforms to moving ones and even broken ones. Black holes, UFOs, and other crazy traps are also integrated in the game all of which you need to steer clear of.

Doodle Jump is hands down one of the classic platform game titles for iOS. If your looking for an addictive $1 game than you’ll find it in Doodle Jump. Doodle Jump is available for the iPhone for $1 today.

US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store